Operation Game

The best game board that you can find that deals with medical science but it is not really a brain-testing challenge is called the Operation Game. All you need to do to win the game is to be able to make successful “operations” as required when you pick out a Doctor card that instructs you to try removing a particular part of the lithographic figure of a patient on the operating table named Cavity Sam.If you succeed in removing the ailment, you earn cash points appearing on the particular Doctor card that specifies the ailment. If you do not succeed, you lose your turn and the other player with the Specialist card tries to do it. If he succeeds, he gets double the points that you should have had.After all ailments have been removed, the game ends and the players sum up their individual cash points. The player with the most cash points wins the Operation Game. It is really exciting to play this board game that is electrically or battery-operated. Cavity Sam has a red nose that lights up if you make a mistake in removing the ailment. The patient is on the board with ailments, fictional and humorously-named, which are covered with white plastic and recently in green rubber.A player holds a pair of tweezers wired to the board. It requires eye and hand coordination to accomplish an operation as you try to avoid touching the metal edge on the area where the ailment is supposed to be removed. If you touch the metal edge, the circuit is closed and you cannot operate on it. You lose a turn playing the Operation Game.The Operation Game is truly challenging and you need the hand of a surgeon specialist to be able to get the ailment cleared and out of the Cavity Sam’s body. There are now eleven ailments that players have to surgically remove using a pair of tweezers. Some of these are:1. Adam’s Apple – on the throat that offers 100 points.
2. Broken Heart – a crack on the right side of the heart, 100 points.
3. Wrenched Ankle – on the ankle, 100 points.
4. Butterflies in the Stomach – a large butterfly appears at the middle of the torso, 100 points.
5. Spare Ribs – two fused ribs, 150 points.
6. Water on the Knee – on the knee joint, 150 points.If you have a steady hand like the Surgeon Specialist, you win this game!

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